Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 days to go

4 more days to go kiddies till halloween , Did you remember to buy the candy or will the ghouls and goblins play tricks on you lol. My daughter decided to be the little mermaid this year my son decided to be some kinda zombie or something . I hope you all have a safe halloween , and may your kiddies make out like bandits this year.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It won't be long now

It won't be long now, My favorite time of the year halloween!!!! I have always loved this holiday for many reasons, decking out the house with monsters and putting a grave yard out in our front yard. I have always been a fan of the classic monster movies, and some of the new ones that come out each year. And of course I love the wild outfits the kids dress up in . I sometimes dress up and scare the trick or treaters , that's always fun lol . Happy halloween everyone.

good game this sunday

well should be a good game this sunday my indianapolis colts face the green bay packers ,It will be interesting to see if green bays new quarterback can handle the colts defense.my son played this saturday in the playoffs for the junior high teams , he was a beast that boy finally got the heart to lay people out lol. He looked like a wresler spearing kids out on the field .He was even named mvp of the game by all the coaches . they won 13-0 against a higher ranked team. The picture above is my son's team , they have worked hard this year hopefully next week they can beat the next opponents

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my baby girl

It seems only yesterday that the dr. brought you to your mom and I , your mom was so happy you were a girl to help carry on her favorite aunt's namesake . your grandma rusin kept swearing you were going to be a boy, so when the doc let me take you out to show everyone I introduced you as our baby girl . these last 4 years have gone so fast but I still rember your birth as if it happened yesterday , you are growing up so beautiful and strong , there is no bad bone in you . You are so polite for your age and so smart . You are daddy's babygirl whether you are 4 or 34 you are my angel .I promise mommy and daddy will work hard to help you be a good person , educated and hopefully a good mommy some day . I love you my darling daughter ....... daddy

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I seen this on some website , I thought it was funny . My puter recently blew up literally , fire shot out the back of it after I turned it on. interesting experience to say the least. now I'm on wife puter and praying I can get me another one soon, lol such as life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

is it just me

Is it just me but all the new prescription drugs coming out now , the side effects are even worse than what they are tryin to cure in the first place. what the hell is that about. stomach cures you can get bleeding , gas , ulcers. but tell your dr lol you get a headache take something and it can give you liver damage or insomnia . The way I see it better testing needs to be done not make the public the test rats.educate yourself fully before taking any new drugs because alot of drugs now are being prescribed without total study fda may approve em but , that don't mean nothing .don't let the dr just tell you what he thinks is wrong with you make him or her proove it by testing ( i know it sucks sitting for tests) but don't let them just pass you up or hurry up and move you on for the next patient ) it is your body , and you only get one . thats my piece for this evening good night all randy

to my wife

I have known you almost half my life, you have put up with alot of things from me . You ask why I love you , well let's see for starters you have always accepted me for my faults , given me two strong healthy children , put up with more things in your life as of late that nobody should have to. I have never stopped loving you and never will . you are my world , and as long as we are completely honest with eatchother we will make it . think of the things we have overcome. miscarriage, housefire, cheating(both) loss of loved ones. Hell we have been through more in 14 yrs than alot of couples have been through . but what don't kill ya makes ya stronger. Ihave always tried (even though somestimes you think it's a lecture) to help you be more independent in case god forbid something happens to me . I just want you to know I love you with my very being and want us to grow old and grumpy together , and me still even with a walker try to chase you around for nookie (lol) I love you michelle............. randy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am back

hello all ! I have been gone for a pretty long time , but I wanna give this blogging thing another try, Maybe it will be a good way to get things off my chest . My wife and I had alot of problems , this past august and part of september . She done some things that she normally wouldn't have done . Talking to strange men on the computer behind my back and sending them nude photos of herself. But I know now she didn't mean to hurt me , she was in a very dark place at this time in her life perhaps a midlife crisis I don't know , All I can hope is that nothing like that ever happens again .I believe she has learned by her mistakes and her and I can move forward and do whatever it takes to make eachother happy. alot of you guys know my wife, michelle of rusin rounduphttp://rusin roundup she is going to help me get my blog up and running again. So this is my first post , I will try to post often and hopefully make a few friends along the way. take care randy
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